I might reply to your messages later and do your requests after 69 years whelp BUT I'll always, always reply and finish your requests.

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aomine's dick
before you follow||
notti, feb17, entp
Feels. HOMOS. queen of dicks;
hiatus 'til aug 15&fuck my theme
obsessions: khr, one piece, hakkenden, gintama, fma, bleach, knb, haikyuu!!, natsume yuujinchou, kuroshitsuji
Ace and Sabo (and Luffy) for dbrothers


I'm learning to fall
I can hardly breathe
When I'm going down, don't worry 'bout me

Don't try this at home
Pretend you don't see
I don't want to know that you know;

It should have been me...
» { "Learning To Fall" // Boys Like Girls }


Ryoma + Quotes for Kitana

Re-watching Ouran

4 gifs per episode: 3/26
Beware the Physical Exam!

gonna start making my new theme and then seriously start on the graphic requests asdfghjkl (after i sleep huehuehue g’night)

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